The Healing Power of Lavender

One of the first things I planted when I had a garden all my own was a tiny little lavender plant from the local organic foods market. Standing less than four inches high in the pot, I remember sitting on the ground smelling the peaceful aroma the fragrant leaves left on my hands while I was handling it. It was heaven, and from that day forward I promised myself that as long as I had room to grow it, I would always have lavender.
There’s a reason that peaceful moment is still lodged firmly in the cushion of my memory. As an aromatherapy agent, lavender is known to bring peace and clarity to the mind, as well as a sense of emotional balance.

Aromatherapy is not the only healing benefit of lavender. Lavender essential oil is often the first holistic agent natural health practitioners recommend you add to your healing arsenal.

With mild antiseptic and antibacterial properties, lavender oil is one of the few essential oils you can rub directly onto the skin without diluting with a carrier oil. It also has an incredibly low oral toxicity level, making it one of the friendliest essential oils you can use on children. When combined with a gentle carrier, like olive oil, and used in bodily massage, lavender is not just relaxing, but has been known to alleviate muscle aches and pain.

Added to a hot bath, lavender can relieve aches and congestion during cold and flu season. It can also help calm a restless mind and body, making it easier to sleep even when you’ve got a full load on your mind. I’ve even been known to add a few drops to clean bed sheets to help me relax and sleep more soundly.

Treat itchy rashes and bug bites by adding a few drops of lavender oil to a cotton ball and applying it directly to the skin. It relieves pain and itching, and helps relax you. It can also be used to treat and soothe skin burns when applied directly.

Steeped, dried lavender flowers make a delicious, aromatic tea that can alleviate sore or irritated throat and help you rest more soundly if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

With literally dozens of uses, lavender is a must have in the holistic healer’s household. Personally, I don’t think I could live without it… I wouldn’t even want to.

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