Bad Joints? Want to Lose Weight? Try Cissus!

Two of the most common features associated with aging are joint discomfort and weight gain. Fortunately for many, there is a herbal remedy that can assist with both. It has been utilized for centuries as a remedy for bone injuries and joint pain, and has been a subject of interest for its properties in reducing obesity. This herbal supplement has recently become a staple for many weightlifters and exercise fanatics as well to combat these typical side effects of intense training.

What Is It?

Cissus is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy dating back to antiquity with a host of uses and benefits. It was prescribed in Indian texts as an analgesic and general tonic with various healing properties.Cissus Quadrangularis goes by many names, but in essence is the same compound; derived from the vine of a Veld Grape plant (of which every component is also utilized as a herbal remedy). It has been researched for many reasons, the two most supported of which are it’s effects on joint and bone health and fat storage.

How Can it Help Me?

  • speeds the process of bone healing (has been seen to reduce recovery time in half)
  • can lead to an increase in bone tensile strength
  • reduces cortisol levels to limit muscle breakdown and fat storage (especially during times of stress)
  • increases bone density and can assist in treatment/ prevention of diseases like osteoporosis
  • produces anti-inflammatory effects – similar to those of asprin for relieving pain and swelling
  • can have a positive effect on weight, blood lipids, and oxidative stress in overweight people
  • has been shown to soothe ulcers by strengthening the gastric mucosa – the stomach’s lining wall

How Should I Take It

Typical dosage ranges between 100 and 500 mg, up to 3 times a day for joint and bone health, depending on body weight. It has been experimented in higher doses for benefits to fat loss and body composition (up to about 700mg).
Where Can I Find It

Cissus can be purchased in numerous health and vitamin stores worldwide or can be ordered online. It is available in caps for easy dosage or as a bulk powder for far cheaper.

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