Eco Beauty: Origins Plantidote Face Serum

Lately I’ve notice an unusual amount of redness in my cheeks.  I don’t wear makeup everyday because my skin is fairly even toned, but the extra redness has been really bothering me. I think its from stress, but since the things that have been causing all my stress are not going away anytime soon, I figured it was time to pull out the big guns and treat my skin topically.

Origins Plantidote Mega Mushroom Face Serum is my current savior and something I keep on hand most of the time. It sometimes gets forgotten in the chaos of beauty products on my bathroom counters, but I always dab some on when my skin isn’t looking so great. It’s a botanically based serum that features a blend of: Hypsizygus ulmarius, Cordyceps and Reishi Mushrooms, Ginger, Turmeric and Holy Basil. I’m not exactly sure what all of that stuff is but it seems to do something good for my skin so I’m just going to trust that Origins knows what they are doing.

The best way to describe this serum is that is is good for use on any skin type to give it that little extra oomph it needs to look its best. Origins is one of the larger botanically based skincare lines and while their products are not 100% natural, they are free of parabens, mineral oils and animal products (except honey and beeswax) and they are affordable. This serum is one of the more expensive products they have and since it lasts, the price ($66.00) is worth it.

This is designed to be used everyday and using it regularly will improve the overall tone of your skin. I usually like to use it on an as needed basis, but that may change soon since I find that I “need” it more and more. It gives your skin such an nice glow that you may not need much more than tinted moisturizer to get a nice even tone.

Photo: Origins

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