And the Winners of the ‘Just an Ounce of Prevention’ Book Giveaway Are…

Thank you for entering the ‘Just an Ounce of Prevention Book Giveaway!’

’Just an Ounce of Prevention – is Worth a Pound of Cure’ by Dr. James L. D’Adamo, originator of the Blood Type Diet, provides valuable insight into natural healing by providing preventive guidelines for healthful living – and steps adults and children can take to prevent common illnesses including: Obesity, Asthma, ADD, Diabetes, Heart conditions. Dr. James L. D’Adamo, Director of the Portsmouth (NH) & Toronto D’Adamo Institute – is a pioneer naturopath who has invested a lifetime in fine tuning natural, preventive, healthful solutions which have helped more than 50,000 patients – adults and children– learn to live a healthy life, naturally and reverse illnesses.

Dr. D’Adamo provides insight on natural healing with recipes, and eating plans that have helped his patients prevent common illnesses – and can now help our society turn the tide on illnesses plaguing our nation. With specific eating regiments based on blood types, eating the right foods that are right for individuals has proven to nourish not harm the body.

And the 3 winners of the books are…

#6- Theresa- “yoga, cardio, lots of water!!!”

#13- Rhonda Struthers- “I try to get in some exercise daily. Also, I drink plenty of liquids and cook from processed foods…well rarely.”

#17- Jason Nickolay- “My daily health practices is eating the right portions of the correct food and drinking tons of water”

Congratulations and we’ll be in touch to send you your prizes!

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