Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning

Energy costs are rising and in the spirit of going green (and lowering my electric bill) I’ve become a bit of an air conditioning Nazi. My husband prefers arctic temperatures at all times while I freeze in sweaters and socks in July, but this summer I’m putting my frostbitten foot down and turning off the AC at night. Still, in order to get a good night sleep I had to do something with the human furnace I sleep with and have found some really handy methods that help us stay comfy all night.

Use a fan and ice to cool the room: Before bed I take large glass roasting pan and fill it with ice and place it in front of a small table fan. This cools the room long enough for us to fall asleep comfortably.

Run your hands and feet under cool water before bed: Cooling your extremities will cool your body temperature faster than a fan alone. Plus I like going to bed with clean feet.

Run your wrists under cold water: The skin at your wrist is relatively thin and the veins are closer to the surface so it this method cool you down fast. Actually, this is something you can do anytime so keep it in mind.

Switch to aloe: Aloe Vera Gel is naturally cooling and heavy body moisturizers can trap body heat in the skin. Switching to aloe can make a big difference in how cool you feel day and night.

Take a tepid bath before bed: Water that is slightly cooler than body temperature works better than super cold water. If you take a super cool bath, your body will compensate later by producing more heat so keep the water cool not cold.

Keep a cool pack near the bed: I keep two of those blue freezer packs wrapped in some old socks. I keep them under our pillows so that when we flip them they are nice and icy all night.

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